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New Project In The Works

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We’ve sort of been hinting that we have a new project in the works. It’s true. It took a couple of months of writing and some re-writes to come but we’re going to start casting this Saturday.

Now I know that we still haven’t put the feature out, but we’re confident that this won’t interfere with it’s completion. Yet there is still no firm time frame for when that will happen.

At the moment we’re not ready to give too much away on the new project. We will say that it’s going to be a ten part web series. Each episode should be around five minutes long. They will be release either weekly or bi-weekly, still haven’t decided.

We’ve got some great new talent coming in on both sides of the camera. There will be some familiar names and faces returning to this project as well.

We’re very excited about the possibilities of this project and look forward to sharing this project and it’s progress with you all. Stay tuned for more news as it happens.

TV Interview

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We were interviewed for a local TV show yesterday.  It will be aired on Tuesday June 2nd.  I think it’s Cox channel 78.  If you don’t live in the area, don’t have Cox, or just plain miss it we’ll be putting the footage on the site for you to watch as well.   There are a few photos that Vaughn took in the Photos section.

July Recap August Look Ahead

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July finishes our first full month of filming.  Lots of progress this month and everything seems to be rolling fine.  Most everyone still seems to have a good spirit about the way things are going.  I know that I personally seem to worry about things that I have no business worrying about, but this will happen.

Also this month brought a lot of friends from out of town.  They all came down to visit but all helped with the movie.  I want to thank Shannon Lamm for coming down and being and extra, and buying food for everyone.  I also want thank Ryan Schrier for coming down this month and buying knives and gasoline for us.  In case you’re wondering the knives are for the movie.

We got great work out of KGB agents the other weekend.  Sometimes I feel Vlad knows too much about the role he’s playing, and Mihail really made me think he was going to kill me at one point.  My neck hurt the next day from constantly getting my head slammed down, what fun.  As usual pictures will come.  Just depends on when someone, Jonathan, gets off their ass and sends them to me.  Oh and there is a new wallpaper for download on the “Downloads” page.  Scott Leutner sent me a new patch design and I turned into this wall paper.

We had thought of taking the first week in August off but have now decided to press forward in shooting, although it’s only going to be one day.  Nothing too exciting this weekend.  A lot of dialog and only three characters.  Tim Taylor will be providing his Duster for this weekends shoot, it’s a sweet little car.  Thanks Tim.

We hope to have a new trailer out by the end of August.  The plan is to get this one on a TV show that we’ve been asked to be on.  Right now me and Michael LaManna are working on the music for it, and it hopefully won’t take too long to finish.  There are some other factors that will determine when that trailer will be done but we hope to have one by the end of August.

Overall July was a successful month.  We lost some people, we gained some.  We got mad at each other and we got over it.  We still have some issues to get through but overall we’ve just been surprised by the generosity and the willingness of everyone to help us.