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Shooting Again

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So we went back at it for some last minute additions to the movie. We brought in Evey and had her do her best news anchor impression. I say things went well. There are more photos in the gallery.

So we’re moving along still thinking we can get that May deadline hit. We’ll keep you posted.

Bloody Cold

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Well we finished off another actor.  This time it was Vaughn.  Hooray.  There was a lot of things trying to get us to cancel today, but in the end we prevailed.  I know some would have rather put this off, but this keeps us on track.  There was a lot of blood today, and in some ways that was bad because we all had blood lust.  Forgot a few little things we intended to shoot but we’ll make up for it later.  There are more pictures than there should be in the photos section.  We set sails next week.  Kill us some KGB Agents.


Chilly Willy

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It was Preston’s final day of shooting with us.  He got a nice vest to wear.  It was cold and everyone complained.  I wished  it was warm as well but I’m sure everyone would have complained then also.  Anyways, we had a hobo bottle pass and we all laughed for the most part.  All in all I think it went well.  Monday we shoot again and this time it gets messy.  Looking forward to it though.  Enjoy the photos.

Merry Christmas

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I remember when the plan was to finish by this time last year. What the hell was I smoking. Well again we say Merry Christmas and all that stuff. We really are almost finished, it’s just that life keeps getting in the way of that. We did get another scene done last night. There are photos in the photo section…hopefully. Been doing some site maintenance. Had to upgrade the PHP and next is the database, which scares the hell out of me to mess with. So if you’re reading this chances are everything worked out fine, or I just chickened out. See you all next year.

Update:  Looks like all updates went through well.  Except for this post was lost and I had to recreate it.  If any errors are found please let us know.

48 Hour Film Fest And Some Stuff About Our Last Shoot

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The 48 Hour Film Festival didn’t work out like we hoped.  Well we’ll start with the part where we didn’t turn it in on time.  What we did turn in was an unfinished roughly edited product that shouldn’t have taken us as long as it did to put together.  It’s beyond me on why it took as long as it did, but it did.  I blame no one but myself.

It wasn’t from lack of effort, because everyone did a great job and worked really hard to get things done.  Jac Currie came through again and let us borrow The Saint for the day, and our actors rarely bitched.  We finished shooting with plenty of time to get things done.  Then somehow, post production kicked our asses.  We have been humbled.

After that humbling experience we went back to what we’ve been doing for the past year, and that is making The Local 504.  We learned some lessons and will hopefully do a good job of applying them to what we are doing now.  We went back to our KGB office scenes and have finished them out.  Carrollton Technology came through again with letting us use their spaces.

Vlad was dead hungover and Mihail had a time line that he was working under.  Somehow Vlad pulled his shit together and everything went off with little to no problems.  Carlos stayed quietly in the background and Margaret got to learn some more Russian.  We had some no shows on the crew side of things but were able to move forward without them.

Don’t really know what else to write right now.  I can say that we’re approaching the end of this part of the adventure.  Hopefully soon we can all have a drink together and know that we are finished shooting, for now.  Then we can lock Jonathan in a room until he finishes editing.  We’ll slide pizzas under the door for him to eat.

As usual, new photos in the photo section.